Building Better Events One Menu at a Time

          This motto sums up The Food Architects’ thoughts in how we run our catering business; since each
          client is made to feel as if they are the only client that we are planning an event for.  We have forged
          relationships with the best florists, rental companies, entertainment groups and valet companies, so that
          each aspect of an event runs flawlessly with the rest.  Utilizing only the freshest ingredients and
          purchasing artisan breads, gourmet desserts, and Parisian pastries daily from New York City guarantees
          that our food is always the best.  Unsurpassed attention to detail is the final piece of the puzzle that
          makes The Food Architects the caterer of choice.  We never look at an event as being too large or
          too small, since each event is treated with the same respect.   A challenge is always welcomed,
          and we are always on the cutting edge to make each event more special than the last.  Stop by to see
          what we have to offer, or call us and we will set up an appointment to come and see you. 
          Some of our services include;              


Continental Breakfasts
Hot Breakfasts
Cold Lunches 
Hot Lunches
Coffee Services
Beverage Refreshers
Dinner Parties
Cocktail Parties
Special Events
Grand Openings
Charity Events
Customer Appreciation


Social Events
Outdoor Events
Employee Appreciation
Gift Baskets